1 Do Your Research

Look over our Examples to get a feel for what your website will look like. Our Terms of Service are very straightforward and should answer all your questions about our business.


2 Pick Your Payment Option

Buy your website on our Get Started page. You can save money by paying for your website in full up front, or you can conserve your cash flow by making six monthly payments.


3 Send Us Your Content

Once you’ve paid for your site you’ll receive a PDF workbook that will guide you through the process of sending us your content. This process should take you a few hours.


4 Proof Your Site

Once you’ve sent us all your content we’ll set up your site and send you a preview link. You’ll have an opportunity to make one round of copy edits and you’ll be able to choose between three header graphics.

5 Your Website Goes Live!!!

When you’ve proofed and approved your site we’ll move it to your domain for the whole world to see!